Change is inevitable if we want to move forward.  This the dominant spirit here at St Raphael Resort & Marina.  This the way we act, behave and lead us every day to be a better version of ourselves, for our guests, for our resort, for our community.  Here at St Raphael Resort and Marina we want to  entice our guests to return again and again to the place where they have experienced beautiful moments created by kind people . The ingredients of our success are based on pillars such as mutual respect among our team members, professionalism, continuous training and development, our commitment to the organization but also our enthusiasm to work at St Raphael Resort & Marina, a place which is our second family and through kindness we believe we can achieve the impossible.  

Radiating Kindness is not just a slogan for us. Is a way of thinking, a way of acting and the way we are going to welcome you to our big family.

If you are interested in employment opportunities at St Raphael Resort & Marina and join this family, you can check the positions below and apply through the link.


Available Positions: