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10 TOP TIPS to cope with lockdown (and kids)

26 Mar 2020

In so many countries official lockdown has begun taking even daily walks to public spaces out of our routines. So how to cope? Especially when you have little ones in the picture?

Here are our top ten tips:

1)    Spend quality family time together
This may seem absolutely crazy, given that we are all stuck between four walls for 24/7, however nearly every adult I have spoken to has laughed about their screen time nearly quadrupling during quarantine. There may be obvious reasons for that such as working from home, catching up on the latest Covid 19 news and checking on relatives and friends, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore our family and loved ones who we are cohabiting with! We suggest allocating set times of the day for ‘phone/ipad/screen-time’ and giving other time to enjoying the present and fun activities, even just relaxing, with the kids and your loved ones. 


2)    Exercise
The ‘Healthy body and healthy mind’ motto has never been more relevant than today… and there’s no excuses of lack of time now! So, dust off that exercise mat, get into your tracksuit and start doing some squats! Yoga and meditation are also perfect to help cope with the additional stress many people are feeling over this period, and there are so many workouts, fun videos and tips over YouTube to follow if you need. Kids Zumba is a fab way to get out some energy for all the family and you can find your kids favourite songs which helps to keep them engaged longer. 

3)    Meal time fun, from preparation to dining
Food can easily become one of the highlights of the day during lockdown, and despite the many jokes flying around about habitual snackers and weight gain, we can actually turn this into an advantage and its great way to spend time as a family. Making a meal all together also has the added benefit of teaching your kids not only how to cook, but a bit of maths a long the way and nutritional education also, and finally eating all together is a wonderful way of living that hopefully will prevail well after lockdown has ended for families who didn’t always manage to find the time. 


4)    Long-term Home-schooling 
The nightmare for every parent around the globe, this is potentially the greatest pull that has ever united adults everywhere (laugh out loud!). The fear and hatred of home-schooling doesn’t have to be as gruelling as everyone initially thought, or experienced! The best advice on this I read, was from a long time home-schooled who had been doing this for fifteen years, and actually pointed out that we are not supposed to spend a full eight hour day ‘teaching’ our kids with text books. Again depending on your child’s age, a couple of hours a day should suffice and the rest is done around the house with family activities. So, breath in and just do your best. One thing is for sure, it does keep us all busy. 


5)    Puzzles and board games 
Back to the ‘80s and its great to get out some puzzles and enjoy doing these with the kids. Board games, depending on the age of the kids, are also really fun and a wonderful way to spend some quality fun time. 

6)    Movie Time 
We love this and it’s a great ‘down time’ for all the family. Every day we all sit together around the television and choose one of the many cartoons or family movies available to watch altogether. It’s great fun and adds some routine to the day, with the kids looking forward to their daily ‘Movie Time’ as one of the highlights of our day. 


7)    Painting and Drawing 
A wonderful way to be creative and get a bit messy in these sterile times! Before the lockdown we picked up lots of stones but also now have rummaged through our drawers to find old items that ‘need’ to be redecorated. It’s an organised time for the kids to have fun and let their minds wonder. 

8)    Creative writing 
Depending on how old your child is, this is a great way to record this unprecedented time in the form for a kid’s diary, and let you children practise their handwriting and spelling. I imagine a lot of kids have this as part of their home-schooling, but regardless it’s a great way to let their imagination role in make believe stories and fun sentences. 

9)    Tidying up and reorganising 
The perfect time for all of us to have a good look into our cupboards and wardrobes, to declutter and re-evaluate. Also, for children to learn how to make their own beds, turn on the washing machine, put their own clothes away (tidily I may add!) and to feel proud of our rooms and surrounding. I know people who have finally organised all the cans and jars in their kitchens and had a closet revamp, so enjoy and you may also throw in a family dress up time while going through old clothes. Make it fun. 


10)    Educate yourselves and read more
This is true for all the family. Reading time is such a wonderful gift and we can all learn so much during this lockdown. It’s time to do that online course you wanted, to learn more about a dancing technique that has always interested you, to have a family story time before bed and for the kids to practise their reading with their books at home. In case you don’t have children’s books at home, there is an array of online story apps and websites that you can look up.  

If there is one thing I am sure of, is that when your kids will look back at this time, they wont remember the fear and worry, they will remember the time at home with their parents and will smile at the best childhood memories of their lives. So, let’s embrace this time, this gift and really make the most of it. 

Stay home, stay safe and stay positive. 

Much love from all of us at St Raphael Resort, Limassol, Cyprus. We will be here and waiting for you all when this is all over. 

Yours truly, Farah Shammas – Managing Director and Mum of Three 😊 

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