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10 Sustainable Valentine’s Gift Ideas for 2021

04 Feb 2021

Has a year really passed since last Valentines? Does it feel like a decade to anyone else? It’s been a year of lockdown after lockdown, social movement restrictions, government and travel regulations and unimaginable global upheaval. Indeed, on St Valentine’s Day 2020, it would be very fair to say that no one could have predicted where we would be at this year. 

Forever the ones to look on the bright side, despite the travel industry falling to desperate levels and our beloved hotel having to temporarily shut its doors along so many other businesses, we know that we will reopen soon and that better days are coming. 

Therefore, despite this somewhat bizarre start to the year, which so far seems a blurred haze between ground hog day and the glimmer of light at the end of a long tunnel, we find ourselves looking for any excuse to celebrate life, health and love, and what better day than St Valentine’s Day! 

Whether you are in lockdown, away from your loved ones, stuck at home alone, with your partner, children, in your ‘bubble’ or facing any other restrictions, we can still find ways to show people we care, spend a little of our money and feel some semblance of our ‘old’ selves. 

So, here’s a list of ten great ideas for gifts this Valentines, that not only will be appreciated by the receiver, but are also sustainable. 

1)    Rain check dinner 
So, you might not be able to go out for a traditional and romantic meal in your favourite restaurant, but you can definitely take a rain check on it and save that special date for when circumstances allow. At Sailor’s Rest Lounge Bar Restaurant (and we hope that for those of your in Cyprus this is your favourite place!, we offer online vouchers you can buy here)

2)    Sustainable clothes 
Lounge wear is the new ‘in-wear’ and even though we all have cupboards (which are hopefully tidy after so much time at home) full of going out clothes, our sports, lounge and chillaxing gear has never seemed more important. Immaculate Vegan has a great range of affordable and sustainable clothes that are all vegan, and some great offers too.

3)    Spa Day voucher 
With beauticians, hairdressers and spa’s slowly opening up in much of the world, it seems that everyone is running to get themselves ‘tidied’ up pronto. Even if you are unable to get to your closest spa or hair salon right now, there is hope and most importantly plans that you will soon be returning. So whatever your loved ones is in need of most, whether it’s a mani-pedi, facial, haircut or massage, this is the perfect gift like no other for this year. You can purchase the gift cards here

4)    A Lover’s mask Made from natural cotton 
Corny? Check. Cheesey? Check. Memorable? Check. This is a fun and (unfortunately) useful gift this year. It will be sure to make the other party smile, will be fab for a selfie couple pose on your next walk to the park, and will ultimately come in handy until this pandemic is over. Make sure to buy sustainable material, and if possible, find someone who makes these locally. It’s always good to support local. 

5)    Sustainable Yoga Mat
With summer being just around the corner, and our eternal hope that we may be able to lounge on a beach again, we are getting to that time of year when we start (or will soon start!) to think about exercise. Lifeform Yoga Mats (you can purchase them online here) are sustainable and eco-friendly, and while not the lowest in price on the market, they come with their own bag included and are a once-a-lifetime purchase. Highly recommended not just for yoga, but any form of exercise and even make the perfect children’s playmat!  

6)    Warm blanket to cuddle up in 
Ideal for lockdown and winter, let’s get cosy is the message you need to send out! Along with a renewed Netflix subscription, an eco-friendly blanket could be the next thing on your list this Valentines! There’s many out there but doing a quick search, some range from extremely affordable to quite pricey. You may also want to support local so have a look and keep in mind that we were most impressed with those made from recycled plastic bottles like this one here.

7)    Cooking class together with someone you care about
Interested in cooking? Crazy question, even the least creative in the kitchen has become an amateur chef during lockdown! Baking, cooking, decorating and more have all been high up on people’s pastimes, and what better gift that to keep it up with a class or course. There are some great online courses available including and if you are interested in a one-off for just £20, then do look into my vegan cooking workshop with Indaba Yoga Studio on the 13th March 2021.

8)    Body creams and skin care products, shop online here
Spa-ing at home has been the ‘new’ thing for the past year, but it is something that for many of us, is a habit that will remain. Who knew that we could take such good care of our skin on our own? Hempz products are made with natural ingredients and easily absorbed. They moisturize the skin while nourishing it and as if that wasn’t enough are so affordable and last for ages! They smell amazing too! 

9)    A plant 
Oh, how we love flowers on Valentines, but this year instead of a bouquet why not get your loved ones a potted plant that will last for ages to come, a loving tribute your affection for each other and something to cherish, especially if parted by distance. Interflora has some great options and they deliver all over the world. or if in Cyprus then Flowers and Design by Roys Herodotou also has our vote

10)    Overnight stay 
Our final idea (of course, are hoteliers after all!) is to book a weekend getaway for better days…. We have some great offers and refundable deals on and 

Finally, and by no means least, just plan some time with those you love …whether it is a facetime call to your mother, a romantic walk with your partner, or zoom friends get together. Let us make this Valentine’s Day extra special, because we all deserve to remember that we are loved and that we are worth it. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Written by our Managing Director, Farah Shammas

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