Water Sports

About Crest Water Sports: «EVERYONE CAN DO IT! »
Crest Water sports Centre was founded in the mid 1980’s and operates on St. Raphael resort’s beach, which had received «Blue Flag» award.

The warm climate and clear blue water give us the opportunity to enjoy water activities all year round.
Our aim is to offer a wide range of water sports activities, like Wakeboard, Water Skis, Wakesurfing, Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, SUPs (stand up paddle), Fly board and Sailing, that would provide an unforgettable holiday experience or be the start of a lifelong passion.

We pride ourselves on our diversity of teaching abilities, offering instruction in Greek, English, Russian and have taught children water sports from as young as 4years old. We have also worked with people with a range of disabilities and welcome anyone who shares our love of life on the sea.

You can also choose an exciting trip on one of our self-drive Boats or Jet Skis, go for an Inflatable ride or enjoy your time relaxing on a Pedal Boat or a sea Kayak.

Upon request we also offer unforgettable cruises on sailing or power Yachts, and Fishing trips. Of course, Corporate and Group activities are also available.

Over the last 30 years, one rule has remained the same – «SAFETY IS OUR MAIN PRIORITY».

The history of the sport says that SUP evolved from surfing, when surfers started to use paddles to help them to cover long distances. The main advantage of a Stand Up Paddle, that anyone can do it on almost any kind of a watercourse:  sea coasts, lakes, rivers and canals.
This new kind of activity took a start just in 2011 and quickly spread worldwide. Flyboard itself is a simple yet innovative device, which consists of a special board, attached with a long hose to the Jet Ski turbine and two hand stabilizers, thus allowing rider to fly above the surface of the water.

Wakeboarding is a combination of snowboarding, waterskiing, skateboarding and surfing. In the past, on flat, swell-less days, surfers would still try to get on the water by being towed with a ski rope behind a boat and, sometimes even from the shoreline by a truck. This eventually became a unique new sport which we now know as wakeboarding

During the 1950’s surfers began to experiment by trying to surf behind the boat wake. Soon after, the sport of wakesurfing was born. There’s no need to travel to Hawaii if you want to experience the thrill of surfing. Get behind our boat and surf the endless wave that is its wake.

Waterskiing is one of the oldest Watersports invented. At Crest we offer waterskiing on two skis and a single ski. Many people think this is a difficult sport which isn’t for everyone, but we are proving these people wrong every day by teaching people to ski in a single lesson.

Windsurfing was born when surfing and sailing. Being accessible only by a small group of enthusiasts back in the day, windsurfing has grown into a world known trend sport nowadays and has become a fun way to enjoy your time on the water.
For ultra all inclusive guests one beginner kit is available free of charge. Previous experience needed.

A kiteboarder uses the power of the wind with a large controllable power kite to be propelled across the water on a kiteboard similar to a wakeboard or a small surfboard. Riders can do high jumps, various freestyle tricks, enjoy waves or just cruise freeriding.

Riding a Hobie Cat is a fast and easy way to get a glimpse of what real sailing is all about. If you have never set foot on deck before, our instructors will be more than happy to provide you with all the essential techniques, rules and safety instructions.

Boats & Jets
It’s time to explore Cyprus from a different perspective in one of our boats or jet skis. Whether you’re looking for a nice gentle ride, or a fast ride full of adrenaline, we can accommodate your needs, no prior experience necessary. Our products are regularly serviced and checked to ensure that your safety remains paramount.

Bounce & Ride
If you are looking for an exciting ride and a lot of laughs, inflatables are the choice for you! We have singles, doubles, triples, Bananas, towable Sofas and even ones that fly! Inflatables are easy to ride and suitable for ALL AGES, just be prepared for a lot of bouncing and laughter!

Nice & Easy
For those who have seen enough action for the day, Crest has a few relaxing, easy going rides on offer. We have pedal boats and kayaks lying at the shore, waiting to be taken for a ride.


Pedal boats (no slide) and kayaks are free of charge for ultra all inclusive guests.



Certain activities are seasonally available.