Takes place the week preceding Lent (Orthodox calendar - end of February - beginning of March) It is a colourful event lasting for about 10 days and reaches its climax on the last weekend. In the evenings, nightclubs, taverns, clubs and many hotels have exciting dance events and special entertainments in fancy dress. Special events are also organised for children.
On the last Saturday evening, groups of musicians go around the streets, singing old sentimental and joyful songs. They are called 'Cantades' and the groups compete with each other. A tradition which one hopes will continue.
On the last Sunday there is the grand parade of floats headed by King Carnival which parades through the streets. This is an unmissable occasion; it is perhaps the liveliest event in Cyprus.
Further information can be obtained from the Limassol Municipality - Cultural Centre (+357) 25 - 363 103