Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Valued Guests,

Your safety and well being is of a paramount important to us. We would like to assure you that in these uncertain times, we are taking all enhanced measures to secure a safe environment for you and our staff, with a minimum disturbance to your holiday experience. 

Our resort is implementing and ensuring the safety of our guests and staff by continuously evolving and adapting to all guidelines, of the World Health Organization and of Cyprus Government Protocols and European regulations, regarding the Covid19. 

On behalf of the St Raphael Resort and Marina, we would like to thank you for your loyalty and trust, assuring you a safe and tranquil stay. 

The Management


Frequently Asked Questions

Before travelling to Cypus, you must visit the Cyprus Flight Pass portal, complete the form and get authorization to fly.

Hotel is operating at a limited low safe occupancy.

All our staff is fully trained for all protective measures as per Cyprus Government and World Health Organization guidelines, regarding the Covid 19 and are ready to welcome you assuring you a safe and relaxing stay. 


Staff and suppliers’ temperature is daily taken via thermal cameras at staff and receiving entrances. Anyone with a temperature above 37.3ºC will not be permitted to enter hotel premises and be sent to medical authorities. 

All hotel premises have installed wall mounted hand sanitizers, together with informative health and social distancing signage and guidance.


An on duty health officer is standby to answer all queries and or respond to any medical issues you may have.


All hotel rooms and public areas are comprehensively disinfected frequently, using high grade certified disinfectants and are daily ventilated with fresh air.

Reception staff is mandatory wearing of masks and gloves and respect of social distance. However you will still be assured by our body language, that you have entered a friendly and safe environment of peace of mind and trust.


We have placed floor marking signs to ensure social distancing throughout the hotel.


Plexiglas partitions have been installed and we have rearranged the lobby furniture.

Yes, they have changed. Check-in time at 15:00 hrs & check-out at 11:00 hrs, to ensure deep cleaning and sanitizing of rooms.

Guests will be advised to use the stairs more frequently than the elevators & only guests on the same booking are allowed to use the lift together, i.e. a family of 4. Outside every lift, Disinfection Dispensers will be installed for the use of guests.

Yes, you do. Electronic Check-in and contactless payment check-out are available.

Yes. Room key Cards are UV sanitized and kept protected in a sealed case. 

Porter’s trolleys are disinfected and luggage are handled by the porter with personal protective equipment. 

Rooms are cleaned and disinfected daily. All staff entering rooms will be mandatory wearing all breathing and hand protection equipment.

All linen is washed on a 70-90ºC hot-cycle with all relevant detergents and bleach agents.

Yes, room service is available at no extra service charge with digital menus on TV.


Room Service menu:

Our wide range of high quality bars & restaurants following all Covid19 safety measures and fulfill all our guests’ various tastes and moods. Guests’ temperature will be randomly taken and anyone of 37.3ºC degrees and above will not be permitted to enter. All Bars, Restaurants and Kitchens rigorously follow HACCP & ISO 22000:2005, 9001:2015 and 14001:2015. Hands sanitization stations are available in all outlets.

Yes, tables have been re-arranged to follow the social distancing protocols and safely serve all guests in a relaxing and risk-free manner. 

Yes, reservation is required to ensure social distancing.

Buffets have been reorganized. Queuing to buffet is managed and monitored by a hostess in order to control social distancing. Guests using buffets, should mandatory wear disposable gloves and masks. Restaurant Team Members will frequently disinfect buffets surfaces and replace serving utensils, spoons, tongues etc as often as possible.

All restaurant menus are available digitally on the hotel website to reduce touching.

Yes, sunbeds and umbrellas will be available for use. Umbrellas are placed at 4m between the axles and sunbeds are placed at 2m apart, to meet social distancing requirements. 

Swimmers must wear a swim cap.

Yes, sunbeds, umbrella‘s pole and side table are disinfected after every guest use.

Yes, beach and pool towels will be available. 


All provided beach/pool towels have been hot cycled washed to 70ºC. 


Beach/pool towels are mandatorily placed on the sun-bed, under the bather’s responsibility.

Daily surveillance strengthening of pool water quality and frequent PH and chlorine tests are made.

Yes, the Sereniry Spa is available. All highly trained and experienced staff ensure a tranquil relaxed journey throughout all our spa’s therapeutic offerings. 


For online spa bookings please click here.

Yes, entrance to Spa facilities is only via appointment. All entering will be checked for high temperature. Anyone with 37.3ºC and above will not be permitted to enter the spa. 

All staff and therapists mandatory wear masks and gloves. 


Treatment beds and equipment are frequently disinfected and  equipped  with  a  single  use  paper  for  every treatment. 


Minimum one hour gap between massage and other beauty treatment when used the same room to allow deep cleaning and disinfection.


All spa areas are frequently and intensely cleaned and disinfected as per protocols.

Yes. However attendance at the gym must be scheduled so as to prevent congestion and conglomeration. 

All facilities of the gym and spa are allowed except the steam bath

The distance between machines is 2 m.


All machines and equipment are frequently disinfected. 


Gym Room is frequently and intensely cleaned and disinfected. 

Temperature will be checked. Anyone with 37.3 and above will not be permitted to enter.


The maximum capacity of the gym is 10m² per athlete per space. 


All athletes mandatory wear masks and gloves. 

Yes, outdoor animation and evening entertainment programme will be available as normal, keeping the social distancing rules.

Yes, the Kids Club is available. Our supervised kids clubs provide a range of  indoor and outdoor activities for children between 4 – 12 years old. 

Child Care Staff  mandatory wear mask and gloves. 


Regular hand hygiene of staff, parents and children. 


Reservation is required to ensure social distancing of 1 child per 3m².


Trained staff constantly monitor children for any possible symptoms, and respond swiftly & safely. 


All  furniture, toys, books, etc. and all outdoor playground equipment, are regularly deeply disinfected  with certified products. 

Action Plan

As the health and safety of our staff and guests is always our highest priority, an action plan has been designed.                                                         


The possible infected person will be guided immediately to a designated response room and local government health authorities will be informed to take over his/her care. 



All staff has been trained on how to handle such a case, assuring the well-being of the possible infected person, and for preventing the spread of the virus. 



His/her regular and response room or workplace will be disinfected fully and his/her mates or colleagues will be tested.

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