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The Seashorse Magazine 2021 is Now Available

22 Jun 2021

To our dearest Guests, Friends, Associates, Members and More, 

We cannot express how valued you are! Over the recent pandemic, stretching well over a year, we have had so much time to think and reminisce on our happy days, with our thriving hotel open, welcoming thousands of wonderful people from all over the world and so many cultures. We have loved every minute of our long existence as a resort and marina, and just like practically every industry in the world, our tourism sector was knocked to ground at the turn of the decade. With not only our resort closed, but also our restaurants, spa and restrictions on entry criteria for those arriving at our marina, an official port of entry to our island, we went through our initial shock, to then utilise the time to plan, to think, to unwind and to have hope. We had so much valuable time to reflect on a glorious past, to remember happy times and to dream of our reopening with so much we can do. We have renovated, changed, grown, added, planted, created, inspired, loved and envisaged all that you will see on your next visit to our award-winning resort. 

It's been a pleasure to watch our team, although frustrated at home, utilise their time to achieve so much. Not the least, to have such amazing time to spend with their families and loved ones, a rare treat in our industry where our priorities are always our clients, and time spent on all holidays with you. We have missed the buzz, and are so ready to embrace this new era, life after Covid, with a new zest and enthusiasm. 

In this online magazine (available here), you will see how we have put safety first, have improved so many areas of the resort, have some fabulous news like the opening of the first Authentic Five Star Hotel Thai Restaurant on the island ‘The Golden Monkey’, have welcomed our first guests to the luxury Tower, even in the pandemic this proved the ideal getaway, and so much more. 



We are so proud of our team, for coming through this and all standing next to each other and the resort. We can’t wait to see you all and want to say a big thank you to those who kept in touch over this period, for sharing your news, for following us on social media and for being there!... most of all thank you for being here now and letting us once again be of service to you! And to those of you who are spending their first time in our family-owned property, we look forward to welcoming you to our St Raphael family of guests and staff and hope to see you again and again for many healthy years to come. 


With love and best wishes for health, love, laughter and positivity,

Farah Shammas 
Managing Director

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