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Sailor’s Rest Lounge Bar Restaurant: The new restaurant operation following safety measures

16 Jun 2020

By the time Covid-19 reached Cyprus, our multi awarded establishment, Sailor’s Rest Lounge Bar Restaurant ensured that its cherished staff and customers remain safe during this pandemic crisis. Just before official governmental announcements, the restaurant decided to remain closed for a certain period of time. During that uncertain period, we had the opportunity to study closely every guideline and directives from W.H.O and other credible International Health Bodies but also from Cyprus Health Department, to eventually come up with our own Health and Safety protocol as to keep everyone safe.

One of the biggest challenges that catering industry is now facing, after a two-months lockdown and the resuming of operations is indeed the restricted number of guests permitted to enter the restaurant but as well the restriction of staff allowed to operate both front and back of the house. Thus, many restaurants decided to go with significant menu reduction in order to be able to offer best available service and food quality to their customers. In our case, we proceeded with two minor changes, firstly sushi menu has been removed for a short period of time as our Sushi Master has been restricted due to lock down In Far East, were he was travelling for rediscovery of new flavors and dishes, and secondly, we minimized the days that we offer our delightful brunch, only on weekends between 10:00-12:30, until further notice.

Day-to-day operational activities where indeed a new challenge that we had to face including restaurant lay out, menu presentation, table set up as well payment method. While looking up various alternatives, our menu is now available on our website and customers can view it directly on their mobile devices easily – in case this not possible, we provide tablets which are disinfected after every customer usage. We also adopted a non-linen usage policy across all areas of the restaurant. In regards to payment methods, we encourage everyone to go for a contactless payment whereas possible. 

Our staff is equipped with face masks and one-use gloves to be used at all times. All of our staff have tested for Covid-19 with negative results, something to re-occurred on scheduled basis. We also run a mandatory daily temperature check with contactless digital thermometer for all our staff upon arrival and selective if required to our customers. An intensive training about the new health protocols have also been performed. While the weather in Cyprus is quite challenging at the moment, we have also allowed more frequent and shorter breaks for our personnel. 

We have increased the frequency of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection of high-touch surfaces and encourage the high standards of regular and thorough handwashing and reminding our staff members of our best practices for personal hygiene. Additionally, we have increased the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer as a supplement to frequent hand-washing.

Throughout the restaurant there are also distance signs on the floor inviting everyone to keep a 2 meters distance. Signposting with related measures are available in all of our entrances. 

The kitchen has increased the daily area, equipment, and utensils sanitation above norm, as per ISO 22000 obligations. After every customer’s departure, their seating area is being sanitized in order to be clean for the next customer. 

Same cleaning and safety measures are also been followed for the toilets as only one person is now permitted to go in either female or male bathroom areas. 

Governmental and non-governmental bodies are frequently inspecting the premises in order to ensure that all safety and health protocols are been strictly followed as part of our ISO 22000 certification and based on newly added guidelines as per Health Department. Further to this, we also have an in-house record system to keep track of all disinfected areas. 

Upon arrival, you can find hand sanitizing areas with optional one-use gloves in both of our entrances in case someone wishes to use them. More sanitizing areas are available in different parts of the restaurant. When a customer arrives, a part of our staff is escorting them to their tables where prior sitting them, tables are being carefully sanitized. 

Take-away ordering is a new feature for us and we are offering a 10% discount on total bill for customers who prefer to dine-in at home. 

Considering the limited seating areas, we strongly encourage our guests to reserve in advance their table in order to be able to enjoy their meal and drink on their preferred date and time. Reservations are available via 25 834242, via our website here as well on our Facebook and Instagram accounts via direct messaging. 

Indoor air-conditioning is now permitted while keeping all of our huge glass windows and doors open, leaving three sides open. That was one of the main reasons that the Health and Safety inspectors allowed us to utilize maximum 40 seats inside the restaurant.

Digital marketing played a huge role during this challenging time and make positive impact to overcome this. We run daily social media promotions and adverts in order to keep an optimistic message to our followers and make them looking forward for better days. 

One of the key things that differentiates us from other restaurants is about caring for our staff safety. All business owners and managers ought to think about what will make your people feel safety at work and also check this under a customer’s point-of-view. 

We are now moving towards a new ‘normality’ and we all need to adjust in order to get over this completely. Our own and other’s health should be taking very seriously considering that gloves, hand sanitizing and temperature checks have now become part of our daily routines. 

St Raphael Resort & Marina is utmost working to protect its staff and clients by constantly getting latest updates and directives from national and international authorities. Focusing on health safety, we are all working hard that our customers can enjoy a unique culinary experience at an award-winning restaurant in Limassol. 

Whether you are visiting for brunch, lunch, dinner or just a coffee/cocktail, we are making sure that you will feel at home in a cozy atmosphere just right on the edge of the sea. And although you can’t see our staff’s smiles with the masks, you can still find the positivity on their eyes!

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