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Lofou Village

16 Jul 2018

Lofou village is built in a circular pattern on hills, at an altitude of 780 meters, in the district of the ‘ampelochoria’, 26km away from Limassol. It’s name comes from the greek word “Lofos”, which means hill, since it is situated at the top of a hill.

It is believed that the area has been inhabited during the copper era, which is confirmed by the findings of this period, meaning the tools that were found at the east entrance of the village. However, no historical witnesses exist in order to define exactly when the village was founded.

This beautiful village is known for it’s pretty, old architecture as well as its’ many winding cobbled streets. The scenic surroundings of this small, traditional village include many grapevines and almond trees. Cyprus has been rich in olive oil since antiquity, it was one of the basic agriculture products of the island. The olive mill of Lofou is owned by the church and it is believe to have been built around the 2nd century.

Lofou village is known for two religiously significant monuments. One would be the nearby small chapel dedicated to miracle worker and Prophet Elias (or Elijah) , who could stop the rains from damaging the grain crops. While the second one is the 19th century village church, dedicated to the Annunciation of Virgin Mary. The small agricultural museum, the old school of Lofou, and the traditional faucet of Elitji which dates back to 1842 are also some of the sight to see. The Faucet of Elitji was an important part of the daily lives of the villagers, since that is where they used to collect their water.

At the end of September every year, the village hold the “Grape Fest”, celebrating its harvest. During this festival, visitors can watch the locals make traditional delicacies from grape juice, and of course they can then try them too, followed by a folkloric entertainment program and wine testing.      

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