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Kalopanayiotis – A genuine traditional community

13 Jun 2018

Kalopanayiotis is a picturesque village located in the evergreen valley of Setrachos river on the northern slopes of the Troodos range, in the district of Nicosia. What makes this village stand out is that its genuine traditional community has not been affected by modern day civilization, ite has a very beautiful traditional style with paved streets and walkways, chapels.

Kalopanayiotis is an ancient spa village which has attracted pilgrims and visitors for thousands of years thanks to its sulphur springs – found at the banks of river Setrachos next to the Venetian bridge of the village – that are believed to have healing properties.

At the beginning of the 20th century the village was abandoned by the majority of its residents who decided to look for a job in the city or abroad. Nevertheless, the village is now a well known resort with a wide choice of hotels, apartments and guest houses.

The village is surrounded by the beautiful green vegetation creating magnificent landscapes. The main characteristics of the Kalopanayiotis village include picturesque balconies, courtyards with shady vine trees as well as Houses with tiled rooftops. Besides the local architecture, its paved streets and breathtaking views one can also admire numerous churches and chapels that are spread around the village. Some of the most famous churches and chapels are those of Saint Marina, Panayia Theotokos, Saint George and Archangel Michael.

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